(Moondragon’s Eyrie was a Tarot website I developed in 1997. It has evolved many times since then. All the Tarot content here is from the many evolutions of that original website.)

Let me take you on silver scaled wings far into the north of the world, to the top of a towering iceberg shimmering under the Moon’s bright face as the ever changing colours of the Aurora borealis glow all around us.  Come inside my icy cavern and warm yourself by wrapping your hands around a large mug of cocoa and curling up in one of the fur robes my friend Nanook has kindly lent me for guests.  Listen to the tinkling musical laughter of the Sky People outside and relax to the gentle motion of this berg as we float the northern seas.  Settle in and join me to discuss our favourite Tarot decks, look as some Alternative Divination decks and other items of interest to diviners.

I found my first Tarot cards in 1974 while shopping in a toy department for my brother’s birthday. I have been playing with Tarot ever since. I love collecting different divination decks and I now have over 100 various Tarot and alternative divination decks in my collection. In 1981 I moved to Churchill, Manitoba and spent a lot of the long cold winters playing with my Tarot.  In 1991 I got a computer and found Compuserve and on the New Age Forums there, I found a whole community of Tarot enthusiasts.  I found being “online” a great way to be in contact with the rest of the world, as the community of Churchill was very small and isolated.  I made many friends and found many mentors. I joined Tarot groups and did lots of readings online.  I wrote Tarot deck reviews and other articles and thanks to Summer who taught me how, I started my own web site. In 2007 I moved back to Winnipeg and continue to read for my friends and their friends.

PLEASE NOTE: I am still moving content from my old web space, please have patience, eventually everything thing on the list below will be available.

Tarot for Beginners
Beginners FAQ’s
Lesson One
Lesson Two
Lesson Three

Misc. Articles
Bella’s Ethics
A Few of My Favourite Decks
Taking Care of a Spiritual Tool
Tarot as a Collectible
The Red Violin: A Tarot Movie Review

Tarot Deck Reviews
The Master Tarot
The Animal Wise Tarot Deck and Book Set
The Greenwood Tarot Deck and Book Set
The Unicorn Tarot
The Gilded Tarot

Tarot Spreads
The Pros and Con Fast and Dirty Spread
The Flying Bird Spread Part 1
The Flying Bird Spread Part 2

Misc. Deck Reviews
Soul Cards
Druid Animal Oracle
The Flower Speaks Deck
Medicine Cards
The Angel Oracle
The Grandmothers

Tarot Book Reviews
Inspirational Tarot Workbook

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