Bella’s Code of Ethics

In all my practice of Tarot, I will do my utmost to uphold and promote ethical and professional standards of behaviour as I have learned through my association with many Tarot professional persons and groups and as set out in the following personal codes of ethics:

My Personal Code of Ethics for Professional Tarot Reading

1. Tarot is first and foremost for myself a spiritual tool, so I will try to create a spiritual place to keep and use my tool in and will try to find a spiritual place inside myself before using it, asking the universe for guidance and inspiration

In the search for spiritual life, all paths lead to the same place “

2. I will act in a legal, moral and ethical manner as a professional Tarot reader and I will not encourage client dependency, nor pressure a client for return visits. I will not abuse a client’s trust and vulnerability to benefit in any way personally, but will instead try to build trust by communication with the client and reading to the best of my ability. I will advise the client that I cannot read for people who are not present without those persons permission.

3. I will strive to give a client the very best reading and guidance I honestly can with compassion and empathy. I will recommend they seek competent medical, psychological, financial or legal assistance where needed as I am not a doctor, financial planner or lawyer and have no expertise in any of these areas.

4. I will hold all written and verbal communication with a client in confidence and if a client desires a recorded or written record of their reading, I will either provide the means of such a record or allow the client to make such a record.

5. I will advise all clients that Tarot cards are neither good nor bad, though they can be used to encourage, give hope and identify options for future behaviour, that only the client themselves are responsible for their decisions, actions and behaviour.

6. I will approach all readings with respect to a clients diversity of race, culture, religion, sexual orientation and financial and/or social position.

7. I will advise clients of the full cost of a reading and of the duration of the reading prior to beginning it. There will be no hidden charges for my services. I can refuse to read for any client, but I will return any compensation for that reading.

8. And I will try and practice at all times what a mentor taught me: Be Kind , Be Kinder, Be Kindest. For I truly believe what goes around comes around, and I want to be part of good things going and coming.

My Personal Code of Ethics for Working in a Tarot Group

1. I will respect that each member of the group is an individual joined into a group for a common goal and strive to accept each individual without judgement as to how they are different from myself.

2. I will respect the privacy of the group and each member in it, keeping and maintaining the confidences both of the individual members and of the groups business.

3. I will respect the group and it’s members time and not take up that time with matters not pertaining to the groups main function and purpose.

4. I will strive to be co-operative will all group members, keeping my communications as honest and open and expressing them in a civil and compassionate manner. I will strive to both share my own knowledge and experience and to listen and benefit from the knowledge and experience of the other group members.

5. I will work hard to fulfill any obligations I have made to the group and promptly inform them if I am having trouble with any of my assigned duties.

6. I will not use the group or any of its members to further my own interests or for personal profit or gain beyond any group designated remuneration I have been selected to receive.

7. I will strive to the best of my ability to work co-operatively and in a non competitive manner with other Tarot Groups. I will also respect that members of any Tarot group I belong to may have other groups that they have commitments to and try to work to the best good of all.

© copy right 2011 by Bella Lori Gagnon
all rights reserved

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