The Flower Speaks Deck

Created by: Marlene Rudginsky (Water Spider)
Published by: US Games Systems Inc.
ISBN 1-57281-222-2

The Artwork

The Flower Speaks DeckThis deck has very pretty artwork, each card has a well drawn image and is colored with the soft blended hues of colored pencils. The corners have a border of plant leaves. The cards all have flowers or plant parts on them as well as images of person, animals, other nature scenes and some even seem like mystical dreamscape images. There is a strong aboriginal tribal feeling in many of the depictions. The deck is divided into 4 different types of cards which are outlined below.

Flower Arcana

This part of the deck consists of 22 Flower Arcana, each flower corresponding to a traditional Tarot major arcana card. This makes the deck fairly easy to read with for anyone who has experience with Tarot.

Elemental Cards

There are 18 flower cards representing each of the 4 elemental directions of Fire, Water, Air and Earth. The flowers on the Fire cards depict plants that are known for their fiery traits like thorns, prickles, blistering juices and vibrant colors. The flowers on the Water cards show flowers that have a great capacity to hold moisture. The flowers on the Air cards have flowers that are delict and translucent with feathery leaves. The Earth cards have plants with dense leaves that often grow close to the ground with nurturing fruit, like corn.

Guidance Cards

There a 7 guidance cards that correspond to 7 flowering plant parts, 7 flower families, 7 chakras and planets. Choosing a guidance card can enable us to tune in on an area of our life that needs some work at the time of a reading. 1. Seed/Potential, Buttercup Family, Base Chakra, Saturn 2. Pistil & Stamen/Creativity, Rose Family, Sexual Chakra, Mars/Venus. 3. Fruit/Expansion, Umbellifer Family, Solar Plexus, Jupiter. 4. Stem – Support, Grass Family, Heart Chakra. Leaves – Communication, Bindweed Family, Throat Chakra, Mercury 6. Roots – Foundation, Water Lily Family, Third Eye Chakra, Moon. 7. Flower – Love, Composite Family, Crown Chakra, Outer Planets

Energy Cards

There are also 18 flower cards representing each of the 4 elemental directions of Fire, Water, Air and Earth. There are 5 guidance cards which can be used to show the relevance of one card in a spread to another. They are fashioned after the way planets are linked to each other in an astrological chart. They are even named the same way, being 0 degrees / Conjunct, 60 degrees / Sextile, 90 degrees / Square, 120 degrees / Trine, and 180 degrees / Opposition.

© copy right 2011 by Bella Lori Gagnon
all rights reserved

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