Grandmother Cards – Deck and Book Set

Created by: Mega Garcia
Published by: Beyond Borders, Inc.

I was introduced to this deck over in 1995 by my Compuserve friend Summer. She did many readings with this lovely deck. This is one of my all time favourite divination decks, especially now that I am a grandmother and I think of Summer when ever I use it.

The Artwork
This very unique deck of cards was created by Megan Garcia. The cards themselves are photographs of pieces of multi media sculpture that Megan has created over the years. The materials used are all from nature, anything from gourds, shells, feathers, bark, wood, hide, fur, antlers, wool and other fibers to corn cobs. Each piece is unique and is meant to represent a Grandmother. Some look like people, some like wall decorations and some are quite abstract, all are beautiful in their own way.

Deck Structure
Each card is a lovely elder who imparts her wisdom to us through the images and a paragraph or two of text on the back side of the card. Megan has arranged the 52 Grandmothers into Lodges and Clans, each with it’s own guide. The deck has a lovely card, called Freedom Child, the Guide of Possibilities, whom in many respects reminds me of a Tarot decks Fool card. This card seems young, the Grandmother in training, a seeker who will seek the Grandmother’s wisdom.

Grandmother Guidance
My favourite way of using this deck comes from my friend and teacher Summer, whom taught me many things about wheels, the moon and the cyclic nature of life. You pick a direction from the medicine wheel and then a card to seek wisdom on that area of your life.

The Directions

North East
Hope / Birth
Possibilities /Vision
South East
Self Identity
South West
North West
Renewal /Wisdom

Sadly this deck is out of print.  Sometimes you can find on it Ebay.

A Grandmother

© copy right 2011 by Bella Lori Gagnon
all rights reserved

7 Responses to Grandmother Cards – Deck and Book Set

  1. Mary Derr says:

    Thank you Bella Lori Gagnon, for your very informative information regarding the Grandmother deck by Megan Garcia, other wise known as Megan Gray Wolf Woman, or just Grammy by the woman who sat in her Woman’s Lodge circle. I sat with with Megan and worked with her for several years and even lived with her and her husband Chip in Riggins ID before she had published her deck. She had a deck she created by hand that she laminated each card her self.

    I was wondering if you or your friend knows if she still resides in SW Colorado? I lost touch and was trying to find her. If you hear anything would you drop me a note via email. Thank You for your ear.

    Sincerely, Mary White Eagle Derr

    • jennifer says:

      Dear Mary,
      My name is Jennifer Jeffress. I lived near Chip and Megan in the four corners area of Colorado from 1998 to 2003. I also remember her using her laminated cards before they were published. We spent a lot of time together in her gallery devoted to local women’s art. I am sorry to tell you that she passed away some years ago of cancer. I believe Chip is still with us and still living in the same area.
      Jennifer Jeffress

    • Dear All,
      My name is Cynthia Sandifer and I have known Megan for over 30 years. She was my best friend and mentor. Yes, sadly on Nov. 19, 2009 she passed away. I was there in her last days helping my friend get ready to pass over to the other side. She was as amazing in life as she was in death.

      She had, in the months before her death, made a new deck of cards called “The Dreamweaver’s” It is an accumulation of all of her life’s work. Her son, Marc and I are publishing this new deck that is for sale. It is just as amazing as the Grandmother deck is. And yes, the published deck of the “Grandmothers” is out of print but we are bringing it back in the form that Megan had wanted in the beginning before they were published.

      Megan was an amazing women who had to wake a lot of us up to our potential and our work in this lifetime. Some went kicking and screaming but eventually they got what they needed to make that transition into healing of themselves.

      Her circle lives on in many of the women and men that she helped on her journey. There is a circle who regularly meets once or twice a year to catch up with everyone.

      If you are interested in purchasing her new deck “The Dreamweaver’s” or interested in getting the “Grandmother Cards” you can email me at

      In wonderful love and light,

    • Tyler Odysseus says:

      Hello Mary,
      My name is Tyler and I’m trying to get in touch with you and just found this ancient post.

      Just wanting to know what you are up to these days and if you still are doing healing work professionally or perhaps teaching classes.

      You can email me at:

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