A Few of My Favourite Tarot Decks

The Greenwood Tarot
The Greenwood Tarot is a deck/book set which was been my main reading deck from the summer of 1998 until the spring of 2005. Created by Chesca Potter and Mark Ryan, it is a unique work with vivid images from the mythos of the Greenwood.

Review of this Deck
See all the cards and get more info at Chesca Potter’s website

The Animal Wise Tarot
The Animal Wise Tarot is a deck/book set which has correlated a specific animal to each tarot card. Created by Ted Andrews, fans of his book “Animal Speak” should find much they like in this unique deck and book. The accompanying book to this deck is really well done. It is easy to understand and well laid out. Mr. Andrews writes a wonderful introduction on the hidden wisdom of animals and how to combine being out in nature and experiencing animal power first hand with using the Animal Wise Tarot.

Review of this Deck

The Master Tarot
The Master Tarot is a Tarot deck deck based on the life and teachings of Jesus. The deck has 78 cards but the structure is non traditional. The deck has no suits in the minor arcana. The pips or 1 – 10’s are simply numbered 1 – 40 and are designed to go with a piece of scripture from the teachings of Jesus. It certainly reads differently than a more traditional deck, but is a wonderful deck for spiritual contemplation (even for non Christians) and yields some very interesting insights for well-thought out questions.

Review of this Deck

Tarot of the Spirit Moon CardTarot of the Spirit
The Tarot of the Spirit or TOS deck is a Qabalistic Tarot deck, conceived by Dr. Pamela Eakins, the artwork created by her mother Joyce Eakins. This deck has wonderful free spirited art full of action and is very geometric in many senses. The deck is based on the teachings of the Qabalah and the Tree of Life and can be used for that spiritual path. Mine was gifted to me by my best friend Lanie and I only use it for personal readings and meditative work. The Pacific Center founded by Dr. Eakins offers many courses of study based on the Tarot of the Spirit. This includes a great correspondence course which I have taken myself and can say is wonderful!

Review of this Deck

Healing Earth Moon CardHealing Tarot
The Healing Tarot is a fabulous deck of photographic images created by psychic healer Rev. Jennifer Elizabeth Moore. It is self published and took over ten years to complete. The effort certainly paid off. The deck uses ritual, masks, body painting and other wonderful artistic techniques to create some of the most unique interpretations of Tarot I have ever seen. The deck is on wonderfully heavy duty stock to stand up to heavy use and is worth every penny of its expensive price. All the cards can be viewed at:

Review of this Deck

Voyager TarotVoyager Tarot
The Voyager deck is an oversized deck conceived by Dr. Jim Wanless, the artwork, which is photomontage, by Ken Knuston. This was my favourite reading deck during 1996 and 1997, I found it very stimulating to my intuition. The cards are on super high quality stock and heavily laminated for long wear and hard use. Each card is a myriad of symbols, a photo montage made into one beautiful piece of art. This Tarot deck’s approach is very modern, multi cultural and truly appropriate for the New Age we find ourselves in.

Review of this Deck

Healing Earth MoonThe Healing Earth Tarot
Another unique new Tarot Deck designed by Jyoti and David Mckie. This deck is said to take you on a journey in self discovery, empowerment and planetary healing. It is a very lovely deck which feels tribal, Shamanistic, multi cultural and indeed healing. The images are filled with many different races of people and animals. There are the traditional 22 Major Arcana cards, many with new names and 6 suits named Wands, Rainbows, Crystals, Shields, Pipes and Feathers. This is one of my main reading decks.

Review of this Deck

Daughters of the Moon TarotDaughters of the Moon Tarot
Daughters of the Moon Tarot is a feminist Tarot deck with strong routes in witchcraft and Goddess based religion and is very different form a traditional Tarot deck. It has evolved from a deck called “A Matriarchal Tarot” by Ffiona Morgan and Skekhinah Mountainwater. The Daughters of the Moon is a group work, envisioned and designed by Ffiona Morgan and illustrated by 13 other women as well as Ffiona herself. Ffiona has done a marvellous job of making this group work hold together as a single unit. The cards are round, on heavy stock and well laminated for hard use. They are Goddess oriented and the structure is totally untraditional. All the Major Arcana have been replaced with the Aether Arcana showing many Goddesses from different cultures. The other 4 arcana are named Flames, Cups, Blades and Pentacles. A favourite deck for working with women’s issues and healing.

Review of this Deck

Legends , The Arthurian Tarot, MoonLegend, the Arthurian Tarot
The Legends Tarot deck follows the Legends of King Arthur and the Round Table. The conception, design, artwork and book are all the work of Anna-Marie Ferguson and an impressive work it is. The cards have a misty other world quality to them, you seem almost transported to the summer country with this deck. The book is a wonderful introduction to this western world mythos. Use of this deck will make one familiar with the most famous of this set of legends. It will take you to Camelot, Castle Perilous, Vortigerns’ Fortress, Avalon and Stonehenge. You will meet Arthur, Lancelot, Merlin, Guenevere, Nimue and Morgan le Fey. A truly magical Tarot!

Review of this Deck

Dragon Tarot, MoonDragon Tarot
The Dragon Tarot is of course a favourite at Moondragon’s Eyrie! Conceived by Terry Donaldson, artwork by Peter Pracownik. One could only wish these extraordinary cards were bigger. The deck will take you to the magical and mysterious world of Dragonland, where all inhabitants are Dragons. This Tarot is basically traditional in structure, but all cards feature Dragons in their mysterious surroundings. This deck is pure fun!

Review of this Deck

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