The Unicorn Tarot

by Liz Hilton and Susanne Star
Published by US Games Systems, Inc.
ISBN 0-88079-142-X
Size: 2 3/4″ x 4 11/16″

This attractive deck is what I would call a cross between a Theme deck and a Waite/Smith clone. There is a Unicorn/Unicorns on every card. I find the Aces particularly attractive. For the most part the images have familiar and recognizable Waite/Smith type symbols. On some cards the symbols are different to accommodate the Unicorn theme, but the intent of the image still seems clear.There are no key words on the cards.

Artwork – The Unicorn deck is illustrated with attractive illustrations that have lovely colour. There are no key words on the cards. The greens, browns and golds are very earthy, the oranges very fiery and the blues and lavenders deep and intense. The borders are an attractive black and white rendition of unicorn horns. The card backs have a double Unicorn head design over a gold moon, the background is purple, the border gold. You can not tell if the cards are upright or reversed from the back design.

The Text – The small LWB (little white book) has a short introduction explaining what a Unicorn is and the structure of a Tarot deck. There is a tiny biography of the Artist and Writer and then it goes on to the Major Arcana. There is a description of each Major Arcana card as well as upright and reversed divination meanings. The Minor Arcana are provided with divination meanings only. The standard Celtic Cross spread instructions ends the LWB.

Structure – The deck has 78 cards, 22 Major Arcana, 56 Minor Arcana arranged 10 cards in each of 4 suits and 14 Court/People cards, 4 for each suit. The suits are called Rods, Cups, Swords and Pentacles. The Court/People cards are called Pages, Knights, Queens and Kings. In the Major Arcana 8 is Strength and 11 is Justice. All traditional Major Arcana names are preserved.

Readability – This deck is perfectly suitable for doing any type of readings. Anyone comfortable with a basic Waite/Smith deck or one of its clones will easily be able to read with the Unicorn deck. This deck would make a good beginners deck for those with a passion for Unicorns, as easy to learn with as many decks on the market.

© copy right 2011 by Bella Lori Gagnon
all rights reserved

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