Medicine Cards

Created by: David Carson and Jamie Sams
Artwork by: Angela Wereke
Published By: St. Martins Press
ISBN-10: 0312204914
ISBN-13: 978-0312204914
Size: 8.8 x 5.9 x 1.8 inches

Medicine Cards – The Discovery of Power Through The Ways of Animals

Medicine CardsAnother deck my friend Summer introduced me to.  The deck has 43 animal cards and gives a few blank cards to add favourite animals of your own. Extra blanks can also be ordered from the publisher.

The Artwork

The design of the cards is rather unique. The cards are long and narrow with a round medicine shield in the center. Each shield is emblazoned with a simple illustration of each animal. From the shield hang many charms, varying from card to card. All charms are natural items such as feathers, shells, claws or bones. Behind the shield the cards background is simply divided into Father Sky and Mother Earth by a red line which also borders each card.

The Nine Animal Totems

This deck and book set can help anyone who is looking to find and work with animal totems/guides. Whether you use the books method of picking your own 9 animal totem or have some animal guides of your own about you already that you want to get to know on a deeper level, these cards can be of help.

Guardian of Good Council
Guardian of our Dreams
West Left Within Right East
Guardian of Personal Truth Guardian of our Female Energies Guardian of our Heart and Sacred Space Guardian of our Male Energies Our Spiritual Guide and Guardian
Guardian of our Earth Walk
Guardian of our Inner Child

Medicine Cards


The Medicine Wheel

Medicine Cards BookThe accompanying book for this deck talks about the medicine wheel and it’s healing powers and indeed the Medicine Wheel spread is my favourite to use with these cards. These card also work very well in dual deck spreads and I love using them with my Grandmothers or Healing Earth Tarot, as the feel of tribal and Shamanistic earth medicine that runs through all 3 decks is similar. These cards were a great help in my own studies of the Wheel and are great for the beginner of Medicine Wheel studies.



The Animals:Medicine Card Example - Squirrel
Eagle (Spirit)
Hawk (Messenger)
Elk (Stamina)
Deer (Gentleness)
Bear (Introspection)
Snake (Transmutation)
Skunk (Reputation)
Otter (Woman Medicine)
Butterfly (Transformation)
Turtle (Mother Earth)
Moose (Self-Esteem)
Porcupine (Innocence)
Coyote (Trickster)
Dog (Loyalty)
Wolf (Teacher)
Raven (Magic),
Mountain Lion (Leadership)
Lynx (Secrets)
Buffalo (Prayer & Abundance),
Mouse (Scrutiny)
Owl (Deception)
Beaver (Builder)
Opossum, (Diversion)
Crow (Law)
Fox (Camouflage)
Squirrel (Gathering)
Dragonfly (Illusion)
Armadillo (Boundaries)
Badger (Aggressiveness),
Rabbit (Fear)
Turkey (Give-Away)
Ant (Patience)
Weasel (Stealth)
Grouse (Sacred Spiral)
Horse (Power)
Lizard (Dreaming)
Antelope (Action)
Frog (Cleansing)
Swan (Grace)
Dolphin (Manna),
Whale (Record Keeper)
Bat (Rebirth)
Spider (Weaving)
Hummingbird (Joy)
Blue Heron (Self-Reflection)
Raccoon (Generous Protector)
Prairie Dog (Retreat)
Wild Boar (Confrontation)
Salmon (Wisdom/Inner Knowing)
Alligator (Integration)
Jaguar (Integrity/Impeccability)
Black Panther (Embracing the Unknown)

Other Comments:
I have a small version of this deck that has a simple one line inspirational comment relating to the animal pictured on each one. You can use it for a daily one card quick reading and it is small enough to tuck in a pocket or purse. There is also available a guided journal to with the Medicine Cards. I do not have it myself so I can’t comment on it’s value,  although it is on my wish list.

© copy right 2011 by Bella Lori Gagnon
all rights reserved

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