Angel Oracle

This divination deck is one I made myself. I used an idea from the book “Ask Your Angels” that my CompuServe friend Lanie gave to me. The deck is made up of 3 distinct parts, Archangel Cards, the Functioning Angel Cards and the Situation Cards. I have since expanded on the Angels suggested in the book and am ever adding Angel art to my cards. This deck holds a special place in my heart and The Guardian Angel of Dragons which I added to it, I reserve as my own special guide.

The Archangels

The Archangel of Fire The Archangel of Fire’s realm of influence includes things like light, , renewal, joy, purity, trust, hope, courage, birth and rebirth, illumination, creativity, desire, growth, change, will, vitality, action and leadership.

The Archangel of Water The Archangel of Water’s realm includes things like emotions, psychic awareness, intuition, love, loyalty, training and discrimination of the senses, musical development, gracefulness, art and art appreciation, passion, idealism, compassion and empathy, kindness, repulsion of violence, anger at injustice.

The Archangel of Air The Archangel of Air’s realm of influence includes things like all our thinking, analysing, speculating, calculation, organizing, categorizing, discriminating, problem solving, imagining, integrating and fitting together, consciousness, detachments, communications and political thought.

The Archangel of Earth The Archangel of Earth’s realm of influence includes things like perseverance or stick-to-it-ness, material comforts, home, physical health, deliberate effort, work, education, business environments, land, money and the marketplace.

The Functioning Angels

These are the different types of Angels touching our world. There are hundreds of volumes of Angel lore out there, from Egyptian history up threw the ages as the Hebrew tribes took that lore with them, it has become an part of the Jewish, Christian and Moslem religions. In the New Age movement of blended spiritual paths, many people also think of Spirit Guides and Angles as one and the same. I keep adding Angels to my deck from any source I find that appeals to me.

The Situation Cards

The situation cards in this deck provides us with a place or situation that will be beneficial for us to make contact with our celestial guides. They include various things like seek a healer or wise person, open a book at random, find a power object, take a nature walk or watch a movie. I may add some new situations to my deck as they occur to me or as friends relate them as situations causing an Angel experience.

© copy right 2011 by Bella Lori Gagnon
all rights reserved

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