Monday, Sept 22,14 – Day Twelve – Our Lady of Chartres Cathedral

Today, I went on a day trip to the town of Chartres to see the world famous Cathedral there. Jeff was still very ill, so he stayed at the hotel. I had a wonderful driver and guide. I enjoyed lively conversation on the hour and half trip, being shown many things about the French country side as we traveled.

I was very surprised to see it did not look much different from a lot of Manitoba. There where many tress and corn fields and small towns. Only the roads themselves were different, the highways are in tiptop shape, upkeep paid for by toll gates.

Chartres is famous for it’s blue stained glass, the relic of the Virgin Mary’s tunic, it’s labyrinth and many of the architectural features of the building. Henry IV also had his coronation at this Cathedral when the clergy of Notre Dame of Paris refused to allow a coronation of a protestant king.

I was very fortunate that the Cathedral is in the middle of a €50 million renovation. I was able to see the amazing difference of stone and glass that was so dark and dirty before being restored and the bright beautifully restored areas.

Sadly, when I got back to the hotel, my camera SD card failed and I was unable to transfer my photos of this wonderful trip that was one of the highlights of my time in France. I hope I will be able to recover them in Winnipeg if I take them to a specialist in media recovery. I bought many postcards and an information book on all the details of the church, but nothing can replace ones own photos. The town was lovely, but most shops were closed on Mondays in this rural area. It have a very beautiful old carousel and a wrought iron covered town market.

I am providing some web links for anyone who is interested in this amazing place and hopefully in the future I will have my own photos to add.

The Chartres Labyrinth

Inside Chartres Cathedral

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