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I made a big decision this week to start blogging again.  I have not done any since the beginning of May 2007, when I decided to leave Churchill.  The last three and half years have been difficult.  Moving to Winnipeg without my husband, helping my Dad look after my mom until she died in the spring of 2009, making the move away from my parents house to an apartment alone in the early months of 2010 and then readjusting to married life again after my husband joined me here at the end of June as we moved to another apartment.  In between all that is the continued care of my dad with my brother, adjusting to a new job and recently a new boss, and the transition of life from an isolated northern community to the city.
We love the location of our new apartment overlooking the Sturgeon Creek Parkway (pictures above), and I often think the view is what keeps me sane. Yesterday we got our first snow and looks like it will be as beautiful in winter as it was in the summer and fall.  I plan to get out my camera and take some winter shots soon.
I just finished a short creative writing course with UFO investigator and author Chris Rutkowski.  It was very enjoyable and I learned many things, most importantly to keep writing as much as possible.  Hence my decision to get back to blogging.  Thank you Chris, you were an inspiration and I look forward to reading your latest book ‘The Big Book of UFO’s’ which I have on order.
I have managed to write on and off the last couple of years with my friends Debb and Liz and continue to journal in spurts.  I’m now looking for the next writing course I can take and am going over old works, editing and rewriting, polishing them up.
Life on the Creek, although often too busy is mostly good.
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