Let it Snow, Let it Snow

Sturgeon Creek at the first Snow

Lots and lots of the white stuff falling again this morning.  Driving to church at 7:30 this morning was slow.  Coming back home was slow and scary.  It is okay on the side streets, where folks have the sense to drive slowly, drive to match the conditions.  However, get on to Portage Avenue which this morning is just as rutted with snow as side streets and watch out!!!!  So many people thing that they should still go 50 to 60 kilometers!!!  Scary!  I wonder how many accidents there will be today?
On a brighter note, it is very pretty out there, not cold, great weather for building snowmen (is that politically correct, do we have to write snow people now?  NOT!!!) snow shoeing, playing with your dog in the snow or going for a slow gentle walk.
Looking out my balcony window, down the creek, I’m imagining another time, when people wore long coats, big mufflers and wool mitts and headed out in mass to skate on frozen lakes, rivers, ponds and yes creeks.  Adults with strapped on blades, children with bob skates on.  Afterwards gathering in wooden sheds along the shore, around pot bellied stoves drinking coca and gabbing gaily about their skating antics.  I must be feeling a little Norman Rockwell today.
Here’s wishing everyone the time to slow down, get outdoors and enjoy the beauty of the snow.  For those who are caught up in the hustle and bustle of Christmas shopping and preparations, drive carefully and more slowly!
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