3 Writers and a wooden spoon

I hosted our Transformative Life Writing Alumni group, aka “Diamonds in the Rough” last night.  It ended up being only 3 of us and I had to pitch hit at facilitating the group.  I quickly threw together a trigger table ( a bunch of objects used to stimulate writing ideas).  I opened the Tools of Transformation book at random to get a tool to talk about.  Thank goodness I had facilitated  before.  I just followed along on the format sheet, grabbed Desiderata out of my binder to use as a focus reading and we were away.

I didn’t have a talking stick out for the sharing circle.  We were in the dining room to write, so I stepped into the kitchen, opened a drawer and pulled out a really big wooden spoon.  Voila, a talking stick to pass around the circle, proving that the old saying “necessity is the mother of all invention” is true.  Our sharing was a little lengthy, a luxury we could aford with only 3 of us.

Despite the 3 of us being disappointed that others did not make the meeting, we were also thrilled to spend a very intimate evening together.  We had a lengthy discussion around the tool we picked, something we would not have had time to do with a larger group.  Margaret and I both shared a piece of writing for the reader’s forum and we managed to be finished by 9:30pm.

Today, I have come to find out that we were having some email issues within our group, so emails I sent about the meeting did not get to a least one person and a couple of people emailed me at my old email address.  Good grief, technology, such a love/hate relationship.  I am working hard to get that resolved today, so it never happens again.

Despite the technically difficulties that left at least one person who would of come, not knowing where to go, the evening was very enjoyable and as always a very supportive and safe place to share our writing and writing aspirations.




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2 Responses to 3 Writers and a wooden spoon

  1. catfromhell says:

    Thanks for liking my post!
    Whats yious was doing – that sounds like fun! Except Mommy has a thing about wooden spoons, something about her backside – Me has heard she was the “Red Head from Hell” when she was young.

  2. Well Nellie, sounds like there are some good stories in all that. “The Red Head from Hell, is now the human for the Cat from Hell”, Hell, sounds damn interesting! 🙂 I look forward to reading more or your adventures.

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