Rainbow Warrior Woman Promise Tree and the Dance of the Giant Peacocks – A Creation Myth

Friday, March 24, 2013 7:30 pm – 10:00 pm At Peg City Yoga Studios

I am aware I am an extraordinary and gorgeous rainbow tree. I was born of a magical seed that was large, fist size, glassy smooth and rainbow coloured. The seed was carried to this magical forest and planted ever so carefully by Lori and Candace. As soon as it was planted, it took root and grew into the tree I am now.
My bark is smooth and delicate, not unlike blown glass. I am very, very, very tall, spiraling up from toes rooted in turquoise mineral salt soil. Up and up my rainbow coloured trunk spirals, getting wider as it spans out, my many spiraling branches spreading outward and upwards. They reach as far as they can up towards a tangerine sky.
I can smell the tangerine sky, sweet and juicy and the turquoise mineral salt soil, fresh and clean.
A soft breeze begins to blow and I start to sway and bend. My toes are firmly rooted in the turquoise mineral salt earth, but the rest of me, is dancing in the wind.
I am a rainbow warrior woman tree. Rainbows are the covenant of God/Goddess, a promise. What am I a promise of?
I am a promise of love, of peace, of acceptance, of warmth, and of joy and laughter.
I am a rainbow warrior woman promise tree, spiraling up from the turquoise mineral salt earth into the tangerine sky, dancing in the wind.
In the background I hear the flock of giant peacocks that live in my forest, they are dancing too. They follow the largest peacock, the one who is white, the one who talks and walks like Foghorn Leghorn.
“Pay attention to me boys! I’m not just talkin’ to hear my head roar. Now what, I say whats’s the next step? That’s right, two to the left, dip and then one to the right.”
They are hilariously funny, and I start to shake my branches in uproarious laughter. All the forest starts to laugh with me. The dance of the giant peacocks has brought belly splitting laughter and joy to the magical forest, where I, the rainbow warrior woman promise tree lives.

My intention for tonight: I want to take with me the sense of total magic imagination, joy and laughter that Candace created tonight.
Affirmation: I carry magic imagination, joy and laughter with me when I leave. I can recall them whenever I need or want to.
Observations: My handwriting when I wrote after our yoga and guided meditation experience was very different from my regular penmanship. It was larger and looser, more flowing on the page. I feel alert, rejuvenated and relaxed. I am very fascinated by what is in the center of the room. I was amazed at how different all the writing we shared was and how many common threads ran through each person’s myth.

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