My Art/Writing/Smashing/Journal for our Paris Trip

My Life Writing mentor and friend, Joanne Klassen, gifted this writing journal to me, for my trip to Paris a couple of years ago. I have altered it to accommodate, writing, art journaling and some smash booking. I did not want to take more than one book with me. I divided the journal into a planning section, then a 6 page section for each day of my trip. Each section, has a tab with a title page with some of my stash of Paris photos and clippings. Then 5 pages to write in and smash my receipts, ticket stubs and other memorabilia on. The last page of each days sections has a sheet of watercolour paper to art on. I am taking a small travel art journal kit with me, that has a water solvable palette of Peerless water colours, Neocolours and Inktense swatches, water brushes, glue and a few other necessities. I plan to spend a lot of time sitting in cafes, on the river bank or quays and in parks writing and painting.

Paris Journal
Inside  cover of my Paris journal
Paris map in my Paris journal
Planning section of my Paris Journal
Watercolour paper in Paris Journal

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