Day One – To Toronto We Go

The first day of our trip has been a mixed bag. It started strangely with a taxi driver who only had one arm, so could not help with the luggage and did not know the way to the airport. Then we were separated in security which took what seemed forever.

On the upside we enjoyed relaxing in Air Canada’s Maple Leaf Lounge, having coffee and a light breakfast. Our flight was the most comfortable and relaxing I have ever been on. I am sure I am spoiled from ever wanting to travel economy again. It was a pleasure to have a seat I actually fit in with lots of leg room. We had our own flight attendant who kept our wine glasses filled and served us a delicious gourmet lunch on china dishes with real silverware. I felt totally pampered.

Traveling by private transfer from the airport to the hotel, we got to experience a Toronto rush hour traffic jam. Our driver tried an alternate route which took us along the lake shore and the CNE grounds. I really enjoyed that part of the trip. I think that ride was as long as our flight. Downtown Toronto is really something. I was overwhelmed with the amount of sky scrappers and the architectural mix of old and new. There are 100’s of huge towering condo complexes that must have 1000’s of units in each one. I felt like I have come from a small town to the big city.

Our hotel is huge and right on the corner of Bay and Younge. Our room is disappointing, kinda of small and ordinary. I would be okay with that, but the bathroom is really horrible. A disgusting stained tub with rusting drain. Yuck. That prompted me to walk the 3 blocks down Younge Street to Eaton Centre to buy some flip flops to wear in the shower. Eaton Centre is a huge 4 story shopping mall that was really crowed with 1000’s upon 1000’s of people. Younge street is a lively mix of old style bars with blaring neon light signs, like Zanibars, quainter eateries, street performers and musicians and even a sit in protest. Jeff and I went out for a late night dinner to the Elephant and Castle which was pleasant and the food was great.

I am snuggled into bed now, which thankfully is super comfortable. Tomorrow I get to meet my brother and then back to the airport we go to catch our overnight flight to Paris. I am very excited, so I hope I can sleep. If not I will get out my art bag and do some watercolour painting and doodling.

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