Day Two – Meeting my Brother and Niece, a Toronto Adventure





My brother Peter and niece Kathryn arrived 10ish this morning, and after a few hugs, we jumped in Pete’s car and took off for a day of Toronto driving adventure. We looked at amazing buildings, including Casa Loma, a real castle in a residential area. We drove along the lake shore, including the CNE grounds and saw where they have Medieval Times. (Feasting and Jousting). I was thrilled to get a couple of good photos of the front of the ROM, including the Foo Dog statue by the main doors and the ultra modern attachment to the side of the old style main building. I love that mix of old and new architecture. We finally managed to find a little beach were we could take a few family photos. We were also blessed with a few wild swans while there. It was a great day. I only wish Sandra and Michael could of joined us. Hopefully next time.

I love how beautiful and visually stimulating Toronto is. I hope to return someday and spend more time exploring the wonderful things it has to offer. I would so love to make a trip to the ROM. The traffic however, wow! I would be totally terrified to drive there. It can be terrifying to even be a passenger. The driver that took us to the airport got us there in record time by going mostly around 135 km an hour! I tried to look out and up so as not to throw up from fear of dying.

Next, Paris!




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