Day Nine – Down Day and Laundry/Descartes

Today was a day of rest and laundry. Rest in that we did not venture off to see any of the sights. In the morning we headed over to the market on Rue Monge and picked up bread, cheese, ham, salami, apples, grapes, Gin and limonade. We ate a long and lesuirely lunch of homemade sandwichs in the hotel garden and enjoyed a gin and limonade and I worked in my journal. We needed to do laundry, so in the afternoon, we took advantage of the laundry just up the street beside de Descartes, our favourite neighbourhood bar and cafe. We loaded up by big suitcase with the laundry, I took my journal, and away we went. We sat in Descartes and had a couple of drinks, while I ran back and forth to change loads of laundry next door.


After the afternoon of laundry we went back to the hotel and sat in the garden for the evening. We finished our bread, salami, ham etc for dinner. I worked on an art journal spread with some new paper and decorative tape I bought in an art store on St. Germaine yesterday. We went to bed early because tomorrow morning we are going to see the Sun King’s Palace at Versailles.

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